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Pet Grooming Virtual Receptionist

Let us be your pet grooming business virtual assistant. Need a mobile grooming unit? We've got that too. 

Communications Hub

Let us take the weight of client communications off your shoulder while you focus on what only you can do. No contract.
Let us be your pet grooming business phone assistant.

Phone and Software Included

Our office plan comes with a a team of top notch customer service representatives, who know, and love pets just like your clients.  It also includes a business phone line, texting, scheduling software, and more. We are you pet grooming business virtual assistant.

Mobile Grooming Unit package

Need a mobile grooming unit? Pay a monthly fee equivalent to less than a payment on a new Wag-n-Tails unit and get a brand new, customized, mobile grooming trailer along with an entire team of professional support.

Business Coaching and Support

Creating and developing something - a business -  is always uncharted. It is up to you to set the path. Our experienced team can help you along the way.

Let us be your pet grooming business support.

Sign up today and let our team of professionals handle the office work for you. Besides, who doesn't want a personal pet grooming business ​phone assistant? 

Are you ready to let us be your office and 
Keep You Moving and Grooming?

Schedule a time to chat now.

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Pet Groomer Phone Answering Service
Keyboard and Mouse

What Our Clients Say


Shaunte, Owner of The Barking Lot

"I remember our first business lunch to set it all up, she looked at me and said trust me you will do great and Chris and I will be right here with you to help you along the way and there’s no lie there!!"

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