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Mobile Grooming Trailer Sales in Phoenix, AZ

Can you imagine all eyes on you as you drive by? Every dog in town wants to come see you; heck, they even run to see you! With mobile grooming trailers you have the opportunity to provide a safe, loving, and one on one environment for all the fur kiddos out there. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Get your very own mobile grooming trailer today!

We build mobile grooming trailers in Phoenix, AZ. However, they can be purchased  from anywhere within the United States.

Why buy from us?

We are a company that is rooted in mobile grooming. We build and use our own units! We have tested and tried various options to find out what works best, and each model that we build is created to be both durable and groomer friendly. We have located our mobile grooming trailer sales in Phoenix, AZ. However, we sell them country wide.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about how to finance a new mobile grooming trailer, or multiple mobile grooming trailers, we have a couple options for you.  

Looking for Financing?

We have a few companies we work with directly. Click the button below to apply with the company of your choice.

Looking for another form of financing?


We offer various options for how you want your grooming unit customized for your personal use.

Just keep scrolling down to see the most common add on options.

6 x 12 Single Axle Trailer


front wall of cabinets drawers and dryer


upper cabinets.jpg



Generator & Protective Box

generator and box plugs mroe obvious.jpg


Insulation Done.jpg

LED lighting

window lights and vent fan.jpg

And MORE Cabinets

front wall of cabinets drawers and dryer

Grooming Table

door view cabinets dryer and table_edite

Wet/Dry Vacuum


Spare Tire


Roof Vent Fan

vent fan.jpg

Aluminum Trim, Diamond Plate Décor, & Crown Molding

bathtub with cabinet vacumm ac and table

Trailer Step


12,000 BTU to 15,000 BTU A/C or AC/Heater Combo

bathtub with cabinet vacumm ac and table

Waterproof flooring & walls


Bathtub & Plumbing 

electrical switches and door side window

Window and Screen Door


Water Tanks, Pump, and  Heater

clean water tank with shelf over top.jpg

Dual Axle

dual axle trailer_edited.jpg

Ready to get going?

Contact us today.


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front wall of cabinets drawers and dryer
electrical switches and door side window
trailer sales United States
door view cabinets dryer and table.jpg
bathtub with cabinet vacumm ac and table
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