Mobile Grooming Trailer Sales in Phoenix, AZ

Can you imagine all eyes on you as you drive by. Every dog in town wants to come see you; heck they even run to see you! With mobile grooming trailers you have the opportunity to provide a safe, loving, and one on one environment for all the fur kiddos out there. 

Well, what are you waiting for?! Get your very own mobile grooming trailer today!

We build mobile grooming trailers in Phoenix, AZ. However, they can be purchased  from anywhere within the United States.

We have 2 different models with additional customization options.

  1. The first model - ECONOMY -is your basic outfit created for those stylists who like to pick their own grooming equipment. We leave that part up to you.

  2. The second model - FULLY EQUIPPED - is everything you need to head to your first grooming appointment. You don't need to add anything.

  3. The third column below - ADD ON -shows our extra customization options. These options can be added on to either the ECONOMY or the FULLY EQUIPPED version.

  4. Need more customization or different options? Click here to create your customized quote or Call us today and let's work it out. 

Why buy from us?

We are a company that is rooted in mobile grooming. We build and use our own units! We have tested and tried various options to find out what works best and each model that we build is created to be both durable and groomer friendly. We have located our mobile grooming trailer sales in phoenix, AZ. However, we sell them country wide.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about how to finance a new mobile grooming trailer, or multiple mobile grooming trailers, we have provided a great option for you. Simply click the link at the bottom of this page to apply for financing today. 

Looking for financing?

Click here to fill out a quick online application.



See below for pictures of our newest builds.

Fully Equipped Mobile Unit:

trailer sales United States
electrical switches and door side window
door view cabinets dryer and table.jpg
front wall of cabinets drawers and dryer
bathtub with cabinet vacumm ac and table

Fully Customized Workshop:

Back of unit complete.jpg
back wall inside completed.jpg
Inside with tools chests.jpg
front wall complete.jpg