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Hi, My name is Chris. Originally born in England, I found my way to the states as a teenager. Throughout my work career I have spent significant time in various fields of work including construction, auto mechanics, HVAC Technician and human relations. This all had me well prepared to join my wife in running AZ Pet Stylist, a mobile pet grooming business, in 2014. With AZ Pet Stylist, I have outfited 4 mobile units from just the shell of an enclosed trailer in the first 5 years. I have always provided the maintenance and service on all the mobile units owned by AZ Pet Stylist, figuring out constantly what works here in Arizona as well as what equipment and material gets the job done. I soon realized that there is little out there catering to mobile pet groomers in the form of servicing your mobile grooming units. After several years of providing this service to one company only, I decided to extend my services out to all mobile pet groomers in the Valley of the Sun. (Check out our services tab for the areas serviced.) I have come across many hiccups in my years as a service manager and technician and have no doubt that I can help you to a solution that will "Keep You Moving!"

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